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LSPL, Logic Systech Pvt Ltd. is end to end IT solution company based at Mumbai, India. The company deals with multiple technology solutions and services which integrates with information technology.

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Server Virtualization

Hardware virtualization can be viewed as part of an overall trend in enterprise it that includes autonomic computing, a scenario in which the IT environment will be able to manage itself based on perceived activity, and utility computing, in which computer processing power is seen as a utility that clients can pay for only as needed. The usual goal of virtualization is to centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and overall hardware-resource utilization. With virtualization, several operating systems can be run in parallel on a single central processing unit (cpu). This parallelism tends to reduce overhead costs and differs from multitasking, which involves running several programs on the same os. Using virtualization, an enterprise can better manage updates and rapid changes to the operating system and applications without disrupting the user. "ultimately, virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in an organization. instead of relying on the old model of “One Server, One Application” that leads to underutilized resources.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is the concept of separating the logical desktop from the physical machine.

One form of desktop virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure (vdi), can be thought of as a more advanced form of hardware virtualization. Rather than interacting with a host computer directly via a keyboard, mouse, and monitor, the user interacts with the host computer using another desktop computer or a mobile device by means of a network connection, such as a lan, wireless lan or even the internet.