Facilities Management Services


The objective of ITIL Facilities Management is to manage the physical environment where the IT infrastructure is located. IT Facilities Management includes all aspects of managing the physical environment, for example power and cooling, building access management, and environmental monitoring.

LSPL offers Facilities Management either on SLA based model or on Time and Management service delivery model. Our experts and operation offer services 24*7*365 for mission critical IT Infrastructure.

The other model of operation is On Site or Remote, under any cases, the detailed day view reports are offered to CIO / CTO at client’s end.

LSPL Facilities management Services offers one or multiple of following services, customers can choose based on the business needs.

1. Network Services
2. Security Services
3. Data Center Management
4. WAN / Internet Management Services
5. Servers and Storage Management
6. Backup / Restore services
7. DB Management
8. Application Level Support L1 and L2 level only
9. Procurement Services
10. Managed Print Services
11. Desktop / Laptop Service
12. Scan and digitization Services
13. Vendor Management
14. Asset Management Services
15. Anti-Virus Services

Our Services are backed by Monthly CSR (Customer Satisfaction Report) and scheduled meetings with our Senior managers who are reasonable for Clients’ satisfaction.