AMC Services


LSPL AMC services offers three different flavors of service , they are -

1. Comprehensive
2. Non – Comprehensive
3. Back to back from OEM

Our call management process based on ITIL Standard.

We offer services for all brands and models of IT Infrastructure. We have enough stocks of spares to support different hardware like Routers, Firewalls, high end servers, storage etc.

Our smart and experience executives can offer 24*7 support for Mission critical operation for all customers across India.

Our Service offering is PAN INDIA based and we have our own ASP (Authorize Service Partner) network across India.

We offer Add on services for following categories.

1. LAN / WAN (Layer 1) support
2. Operating systems
3. DBA
4. Off the shelf Application
5. UPS and DG Set
6. CCTV and DVR
7. VC
8. Audio Equipment and EPABX